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Presentation Skills Training

Beginner and Intermediate Presentation Skills

If you're one of the many people who would rather visit the dentist's office than deliver presentations, my workshops will help you manage the anxiety you feel about public speaking. I will give you the tools to develop your presence and to help you deliver your message convincingly.

Advanced Presentation Skills

If you're an experienced presenter looking to polish your presentation style, my workshops will take your presentation skills to world class level. The training will strengthen your executive presence and enhance your ability to engage your audience and keep them focused on your message.

Presentation Skills for Technical Staff

You may be an engineer, a scientist, an accountant, or a technology professional who needs to brush up on public speaking and communication skills. You may be aiming for a leadership position and need to improve the way you present to clients, C-level executives, and staff. Your presentation skills are good from a technical perspective. You speak the language of the engineer or scientist but you know that something is missing when you speak to non-technical audiences or the Board. I offer specialized courses tailored to technical audiences.

Executive Presentation Coaching

This is a powerful one-on-one training to help you polish your speech or create a presentation. I focus on your particular needs: whether it's helping you to develop your idea, improve your delivery skills, craft memorable slides, or develop your confidence in public speaking.

Other Customized Training

Repeat clients often ask me what else I can teach. I have developed a variety of workshops to help clients continue to dig deeper in presentation and leadership communication training, as well as develop leadership and team building skills.


We offer three assessments: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Practices Inventory and Myers-Briggs.