" Your session was the #1 rated breakout session. Congrats! (BC HRMA 2012 Conference)"

–Quinne Davey, Business Development Project Manager

"I’ve had the great pleasure of having Bruna Martinuzzi present at two leadership forums. Her presentations on “the Leaders’ Voice” were ‘top-drawer’ from both a content and delivery perspective. Bruna brings with her, her own unique warmth, humour, humility, intellectual curiosity and insights to the notion of Leadership."

–Frank Nuis, TELUS Advanced Communications, Learning Partner

Each keynote is customized to the client’s audience and event theme. These are some sample topics:

  • Present with Power
  • Why Should Anyone Believe Your Message? Power Tips for Credibility as a Presenter
  • You’ve got the IQ. How About Your EQ?
  • From Inform to Inspire: How to Get Them to Lean In To Hear Your Message
  • Speak as a Leader

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